Botox in Belfast with Miss P Aesthetics

Offering Botox and Azzalure to enhance your look and correct features such as forehead lines, frown lines, crow's feet and a gummy smile.

Forehead lines

Commonly referred to as “surprise” lines are the horizontal lines we see across our foreheads on raising our eyebrows. The muscle responsible for this movement is known as the frontalis. A series of injections can be placed along this muscle to restrict that upward force caused by expression leaving a smooth, shiny appearance.

Frown lines

Also referred to as “11” lines. The muscle targeted to eradicate this expression is both the procerus and corrugators. These pesky little lines are caused by excessive frowning due to anger, tension etc. “11” lines are static, i.e. lines present at rest, completely unrelated to facial movement.

Crows feet

They look exactly like what they’re called. The muscle responsible is called the Obicularis Oculi. Crow’s feet are caused by loss of elasticity combined with early wrinkles due to smiling and squinting. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest part of the skin on our body and is one of the most common ageing concerns. The results of Botox in this area are fantastic and leave patients feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Bunny lines

Bunny lines are very fine lines that appear on the bridge of our nose when we make a “scrunching” expression. Everyone will have some degree of “bunny line” regardless of age if we force this upward movement. It is more noticeable when we smile deeply and using Botox can highly minimize the appearance of these wrinkles.

Gummy smile

We have all been there, to some degree. We do a huge, wide smile and before we know it we are seeing more gums than we’d care to in a photograph. However, a gummy smile, in medical terms is known as excessive gingival display, meaning there is more than 4mm of gum on display whilst smiling. It is caused by having too much gum tissue, a short upper lip or a strong, hyperactive upper lip. Two little injections of Botox in the targeted area can create a 2-4mm drop which stops the upper lip from contracting or elevating during a smile.

Smokers lines

Smokers lines are the vertical lines that are present between our top lip and the bottom of the nose. Smokers lines are not only caused by smoking, they can also be caused by moving our mouth in a pronounced way whilst chewing or puckering up our lips. They are also part of the natural ageing process. Smokers lines start as very fine lines however over time if left untreated can become very deep and may need an alternative treatment such as Dermal Filler.

Lip flip

The lip flip or lip pop. A lip flip is used to help people achieve a fuller upper lip without the use of Dermal Filler. A lot of people have a very thin upper lip that draws inwards whilst smiling or talking and simply hate the thought of fillers or a big pout. This is a very subtle treatment and the aim of the lip flip is to place Botox injections into the upper lip which relaxes the muscle and allows the lip to flip upwards creating a more natural, fuller upper lip.

Dimpled chin

Botox into the Mentalis muscle (chin) helps prevent that pebbled, rippled look that is caused by excessive movement of the chin. People often refer to this effect as looking like an unsightly orange peel or having a resemblance to cellulite. Botox in the chin is very effective and minimally invasive.

Downturned mouth

A downturned mouth can make us look older than what we are and causes us to look almost upset in appearance. It is caused by many factors however most common would be due to an excessive pull by the corners of the mouth or loss of volume as we age etc. Having Botox in this area can turn back the clock and create a fresh look.